the shrubbery

by knights who say yee




jordan roper- production, guitar, bass, drums, vocals
lex reilly- production, ukulele
cullen brown- djembe, vocals
jackson scott- production


released June 11, 2015



all rights reserved


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Oldgrowth Records Arcata, California

Oldgrowth is an accumulation of ideas and interests that spawn from a true love of music. While the industry focuses on the $ and the newest fad, our mission is to search out the hidden gems; the forward-thinking, raw, and experimental artists who thrive in the underground.

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Track Name: the shrubbery
oh knights of ni- we have brought you your shrubbery. may we go now?
it is a good shrubbery. i like the laurels particularly. but there is one small problem.
what is that?
we are no longer the knights who say ni. we are now the knights who say yee! therefore, we must give you a test.
what is this test, oh knights who till recently said ni?
you must find... another shrubbery!
Track Name: holy hand grenades
we're not the knights who say ni
we're the knights who say yezzir
we always say yee, cuz we like it way better
on the hunt for the holy grail and hideaway treasures
we set fire to shrubberies and microwave hedgers
we're blazing saddles in an iron age western
hyper-spaced benders just trying to stay centered
chivalrous gentlemen, not the type to raise tempers
the type to raise funds cuz we like to make cheddar

we bring the heat like some fire place embers
to free the scene of this icy-aged weather
and put your psyche under tidal wave pressure
to purge the wack like an ibogaine center
knights are blowing up like some seismic quake tremors
like a sine wave got in a fight with mayweather
yeah we can do it any time of day ever
and you can feel it when that grimy bass enters

we're blowing up like some holy hand grenades
a flesh wound, never fully amputate
the knights who say yee, the k.w.s.y.
some french guys who spit and make fun of your best rhymes
Track Name: chivalry isn't dead
how? what? why? when?
Track Name: s e v e n t e e n
roaming the campground up by the lake where we swam
we were hunting for snakes
but we couldn't find them
surrounded by nothing
but the nothing's surrounded by us
but it's just me in my room
with my eyes shut

oh, when I was seventeen
my mother said to me
don't stop imagining. The day that you do is the day that you die
now I pull a one-ton carriage
instead of the horses, grazing along
I was having fun
we were all having fun